Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm interested in what you do @ Kinetic MKE, but I want to learn more?

Because Pilates, the GYROTONIC® Method, and everything else we do here can sometimes seem strange and unfamiliar we totally understand the lack of clarity about our methods and we'd love to chat more with you about all of that! This is why we offer anyone interested in practicing with us a complimentary consultation! Please reach out here to set that up.

What's the difference between Pilates & GYROTONIC®?

Great question! It's actually the one we get the most from people. While both methods are full body conditioning & movement systems, each has it's own unique flavor & feel.

Pilates came out of a tradition of European gymnastic-based conditioning protocol, from which Mr. Pilates (1880-1967) expanded upon to create a full & complete body of work that allows for fluid, natural, organic movement outward from a strong center. Utilizing specialized spring driven apparatus, the method works by toning muscular force around the joints and works to developing a body towards symmetry and what Mr. Pilates called "uniform development".

Powerful strength is developed simultaneously with dynamic flexibility, and control whole focusing on balancing the spine, the true "core" of the body.

GYROTONIC® was developed in the 1970's by Juliu Horvath (1942-present), who came from a classical dance & Yoga background. Through injury and self inquiry he has created this beautiful, natural, and highly sophisticated system that is perhaps the most transformational movement system ever created.

The highly adaptable nature of the system allows it to really accommodate any body from any where, and is especially beneficial for people managing chronic pain, recovering from injury, or just want to take their bodies to the next level of performance. Most importantly, GYROTONIC® feels deliciously & ridiculously good...many of our students say it feels like working out & getting a massage at the same time. We also speak to things like energy centers, meridians, and chakras in the GYROTONIC® Expansion System, and we often think of the system as an updated, more relevant form of modern Yoga for modern bodies.

We tend to steer people who want to get strong, or work on their "core" into Pilates, and those wanting to work on injury recovery/prevention/rehabilitation, flexibility, range of motion, and somatic exploration into GYROTONIC®.

Ultimately it's a balance of what YOUR goals, background, personality, & movement preference is that will inform how we create a transformational movement program that is unique for you.

Can I use the "welcome package" for both Pilates & GYROTONIC®?

Yes! We love both methods, and so do many of our students. They compliment each other beautifully, although some people gravitate to one system over the other exclusively. Our "welcome package" allows all new students to try out both methods if they so desire, or use it towards a focused approach in just Pilates, or just GYROTONIC® exclusively.

What do I wear?

In general the same clothing you'd work out in at the gym will be awesome. Please nothing too baggy as we need to be able to see alignment, and nothing that would restrict or inhibit movement. We have a zero-zipper policy in our studio...we love uber cute workout clothes, but unfortunately the upholstery of our dedicated equipment doesn't! Thanks for understanding. For the same reason please be aware of jewelry choices. Gents, please wear undergarments that allow for some support and don't give off a free show!

We work a lot with the feet, so please arrive with clean feet and you can leave your shoes with the rest of your belongings & you can either practice barefoot, or with socks.

What are your policies & procedures?

-Cancellation Policy: In consideration of our teachers, we enforce a 24-hour cancellation policy. We do understand that things happen and kindly grant our clients 2 charge-free cancellations per calendar year.

-All sessions & classes (excluding workshops) are 55 minutes.

-We accept cash, check and debit/credit cards.

-We kindly ask that you silence or turn off phone & electronic devices while in the studio.

-All packages expire 6 months from the start of the use of the package, and are non-refundable, but transferable to another person.

I'm already practicing Pilates or GYROTONIC®, but new to Kinetic MKE! Do I have to go through your "welcome package", or can I just drop in for a private lesson, or group training?

We've quickly become the discerning choice for practitioners of both Pilates & the GYROTONIC® Method in Milwaukee! We welcome everyone into our tranquil space, and if you're already practicing let's chat more about how we can best accommodate either a fabulous transition into our studio, or if you're visiting Milwaukee we'd love be a highlight of your stay.

All Pilates is created equal, right?

We sure wish it was! When studio co-owner Trey Fry started Pilates in the late 1990's there was an estimated 600 teachers of the Pilates Method in the world, and now the latest data estimates some 100,000 Pilates teachers. The trademark on Pilates was cancelled in 2001, and Pilates became generic like Yoga, or Karate. While this allowed for an incredible expansion of the industry, and has allowed for the method to become more accessible to more people, unfortunately we are seeing a monumental decline in the integrity, quality, safely & depth in the delivery & practice of the Pilates Method. In Milwaukee alone there are uncertified teachers teaching in studio settings. We are proud to boast that studio co-owner Trey Fry is one of the leading movement educators in the industry, and all of our teachers at Kinetic MKE generously exceed industry standards in education and are on-goingly mentored by Trey.

Pilates is more than just a bunch of random exercises. It's an integrated movement method, and a complete body of work. We are committed to teaching Mr. Pilates' work, philosophy, and scope of practice on equipment closest to his designs with the most depth, curiosity, and integrity possible. The difference is unparalleled, and incomparable.

OK! I know I'm ready to commit to a movement practice @ Kinetic MKE, how do I sign up for lessons?

We think that's a fabulous decision, and we are looking forward to working together! Contact us and we can set something up ASAP.