Life Changing Power of the Pilates Method | Dawn’s Story

Many instructors come to KineticMKE with a transformational tale of their journey with the Pilates method. In this month’s blog, we’re sharing the inspiring journey of our Pilates teacher, Dawn Hoerchner. Dawn has been teaching the Pilates Method since KineticMKE’s opening in early 2017, and is currently on the path to becoming a certified teacher in The GYROTONIC® Method.

Read on to learn more about Dawn and her incredible story. We can only hope it sparks your own journey with the Pilates or GYROTONIC® methods.


The Power of GYROTONIC® and Pilates Method

In 2015, Dawn was in the process of recovering from a life-long eating disorder. KineticMKE's co-owner, Trey Fry, introduced her to classical Pilates. This opened up a world of movement and positive energy flow for Dawn. It became an essential part of leading a healthier life. In fact, functional movement impacted her life so dramatically that she wanted to share this gift with others. She bravely shares more about her experience in her personal blog HERE.

You may frequently hear us refer to the GYROTONIC® and Pilates methods as more than just exercise. It's not uncommon for teachers and students alike to gain love and respect for their bodies after discovering the Pilates and GYROTONIC® methods.


Dawn Has a Sincere Interest in Our Students at KineticMKE


She wants them to live life fully. While completing her GYROTONIC® method training, she had tears as she realized how great her body felt when it moved. Also, part of the joy Dawn receives from teaching is helping others have that same realization, and find their strength from within.

Dawn truly believes every kind of student can benefit from the Pilates Method. Additionally, she is thrilled to soon offer a GYROTONIC® practice for her students as well.

Experience Dawn's Expertise and Warm Teaching Style


There are endless reasons why we are grateful to have Dawn in the KineticMKE family. She's dedicated to personal growth. She's constantly learning within the context of her own practice. She understands firsthand what the Pilates and GYROTONIC® practices offer both mentally and physically, and is committed to her continued education.

Additionally, Dawn is a daily inspiration to our students and fellow teachers. And, she’s grateful that she can guide students to realize the potential of their unique bodies. Her passion for the Pilates Method has been contagious ever since she completed her extensive 950-hour Advanced Teacher Training Program through The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO.

We promise you’ll be inspired by your private or semi-private class with Dawn. Book your session with her today!

Trey Fry