The GYROTONIC® Method: Moving You Through All Three Planes Of Movement


Here at KineticMKE, we’re regularly asked about the GYROTONIC® equipment and its method. It’s definitely unique - it’s unlikely that you would find it at your neighborhood gym, let alone other Pilates studios. However, its uniqueness is exactly why the method works for so many people. Whether your goal is to get stronger, more fit, rehab from an injury, or prevent one in the first place, the GYROTONIC® Method is transformative. 

Most Forms Of Traditional Exercise Confine You

Movement is generally talked about in terms of the three planes of movement our bodies go through during exercise: Sagittal, Frontal, and Transverse.

Most cardio and common gym exercises (squats, running, biking, etc.) are considered Sagittal plane exercises. Frontal plane exercises move side-to-side, such as lateral lunges or dumbbell raises. Even less common are movements in the Transverse plane such as medicine ball twists. It's fair to say that we spend most of our time moving through Sagittal and Frontal - but very little time in the Transverse plane. 

The GYROTONIC® Method moves you through all three planes of movement - and more. Exercise sequences on this equipment consist of spiraling, circular movements which flow together seamlessly in rhythmic repetitions with corresponding breathing patterns.

Limiting The Planes Your Body Moves Through Can Create A Disproportionate Body


Sticking to one plane of motion will limit you. Repetitive training in straight planes and angles changes the integrity of the joints, their function, and all the surrounding connective tissues.

The GYROTONIC® Method exposes you. It makes you acutely aware of your “blind spots”, the movements and moments outside of the linear planes most people have grown accustomed training and moving in.

New, exciting, and positive movement options can be trained into the body. This is especially so when dealing with:

  • chronic pain
  • post-rehabilitative exercise post-injury
  • post-rehabilitative exercise post-surgery

In many cases, we see this movement alleviate chronic pain indefinitely.

Here's Where We Break The Mold


Our use of multi-planar, circular, wave-like, and spiral gestures heightens awareness in the nervous system. Additionally, they improve:

  • dynamic coordination
  • range of motion
  • fluidity
  • suppleness
  • true functional strength

In order to keep a joint healthy for life, it needs to be able to move through its full range of motion, with the associated support of functional strength.

What Can I Expect In A GYROTONIC® Session?


Here are some examples of what clients say after their first session:

“WOW! I didn’t realize how little I’ve been moving!” or “I’ve just been moving in such a restricted way!”

Practicing GYROTONIC® is a delicious reawakening of the full potential of our bodies, minds, spirits, and environment. The best part? This method is highly adaptable. This means it is accessible to anyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

The equipment's primary design is to both support the body in motion and help guide the body through movement. Additionally, expanding your body's perceived limitations and restrictions. No other equipment ever designed has the potential and potency of our both beautiful and transformational pieces.


There are over 3,500 studios worldwide offering GYROTONIC® classes - but did you know there's a studio right in your own backyard? Our focus in personalized training (one-on-one & two-on-one lessons) allows us to create programs that are transformative and address any body, from any walk of life, ranging from post-rehab to elite level athlete. Are you ready to get moving? Fill out our contact form below to get started. 

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