Co-Owner of Kinetic MKE, Trey Fry, Gets Personal About Transformation

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In this brief Q&A, Trey Fry gets personal about transformation. For those who have had the opportunity to experience Pilates or GYROTONIC® with Trey, they've often expressed something along the lines of, "Trey and GYROTONIC® have been mind, body, and spiritually transforming for me," or "Trey's passion for movement is obvious..."

Yes, his love for teaching and movement is real, and it is apparent to anyone who has had the fortune to learn from him. What people may not know, however, is how Trey got to this point in his life and career. Take a few moments to hear him open up about weight loss, his discovery of movement, and why he's chosen to bring Traditional Pilates and GYROTONIC® to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Q. Did You Always Have a Connection with Movement?

When I was 14-years-old, I started my journey of losing 90 lbs...

It was tough. I really needed to go to a gym, but it didn't feel welcoming or comfortable. Like many people, I felt unwanted. A friend who was super supportive of my weight loss goals welcomed me to a high-cardio hip-hop class. It felt AMAZING. Looking back, it was the first positive movement experience I'd ever had in my life.

After a few months of class, our dance teacher didn't show up. The owner of the studio walked in and said, "Tonight we're doing 'real' dance. If you don't like it, leave." She beautifully commanded the classroom with classical modern dance (and an actual live drummer!), and I fell in love. She was also the first person to introduce me to Pilates. With her very own studio a block away, I took a few lessons. I found the equipment fascinating and the movement interesting. It was a nurturing, safe space for me, especially at the at of 14. By 17-years-old, she encouraged me to get certified so I could teach throughout college.

**Conveniently, the studio I "grew up in" was a satellite studio for Master Teacher, Colleen Glenn. Her studio and certification program was two hours away in Dallas, TX.  

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Q. Is That When You Found Your "Calling?"

It was the start, most definitely. While in college, I had a back injury and was told I would never dance again. I was also expected to have surgery, but a colleague encouraged me to schedule a Pilates appointment. This when I met my second mentor, Master Pilates Trainer, Wendy LaBlanc-Arbuckle, and I felt like I was meeting my soul teacher. In one session, and I kid-you-not, I was completely out of pain and no longer needed the surgery. It was incredible.

Wendy showed me who I could become as a teacher. The way she taught Pilates - it was nothing I had ever seen or experienced before. It really changed my course of action and I decided that - even though I had come back stronger as a dancer from Pilates - that I no longer wanted that to be my long-term career choice. It was a turning point. My side hustle became my main hustle. 

The best part is that Wendy is still in my corner. She'll be here this August to teach "Beyond the Form: Moving Past Classical & Contemporary Pilates." Space is limited, but there are still opportunities available. You can click here for more information.

Q. Who Else Has Inspired You?

So many wonderful people...

I would have to say Davi Edelbeck, GYROTONIC® Master Trainer and Owner of Chicago Center for Body Movement. She was the one who really made me fall in love with GYROTONIC®. I was blown away by this form of movement and how transformational and powerful it was. Jeanie Rasmussen is my GYROTONIC® Goddess. Along with her husband, David, she owns a Golf and GYROTONIC® studio teaching GYROTONIC® to all levels of golfers.

Eric Franklin has also been a monumental teacher. He was one to really deepen my embodiment and intuition. For me, Franklin Method let me look beyond a form of movement and let me embody it. It was actually a missing piece that let me be better in my body and teach movement more clearly, organically, and in line with the design of the human body. It eradicated a fear-based way of thinking about movement.

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Q. When You Tell People What You Do, What is Their Reaction?

I think people are intrigued. They tend to think I'm a Personal Trainer as they don't really understand the depth of what we teach at Kinetic MKE until they try it. I make an effort to explain what the systems are and let them know how invested I am in giving people a positive movement experience. Even people who are going to the gym rarely have that. I want someone to fall in love with movement and with their body.

Q. What Are Some Misconceptions People Have?

With both Pilates and GYROTONIC®, people often think it's just for women. It's understandable. Back in the 1920's, Mr. Pilates' studio was located in the same building as NYC Ballet rehearsal space. Injured dancers, who were primarily women at the time, were sent to Mr. Pilates for rehabilitation. Ever since, Pilates has had a strong  connection to the dance community, which has, perhaps, given it an effeminate correlation. But, Pilates was developed by a man for men and it remains one of the best systems for men (learn more about Mr. Pilates HERE.)

People also believe they need to be in shape before taking on Pilates or GYROTONIC®, which is the farthest thing from the truth. You take these classes to get in shape. Both styles of movement will meet you wherever you are on your journey toward health.

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Q. Why Did You Choose Milwaukee to Open Your studio?

When I moved here in 2009, I immediately fell in love with this city and the people in it. There is so much to offer in this community and I thought there was a prime market for Pilates and GYROTONIC®. While I think this has historically tended to be more of a "gym city", Milwaukeeans are getting more curious and sophisticated about unique and exciting ways they can move their bodies, in addition to alternative health.

If you haven't seen our movement studio, the space is really welcoming and warm. We believe people need to feel invited, centered, and safe. The talented Meg Hopkins, Co-Owner of Kinetic MKE and Owner of Elements East in the Third Ward, has really helped to create a calming environment for all of our students.

Q. When You Scroll Through Your Life, What Are You Most Grateful For?

My mom. All of my teachers who have led me to the place I am now. 

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Ready to Explore Movement with Trey Fry and His Team?

It's almost difficult to communicate in words the value of Trey's energy and teachings. There is an uplifting, almost mesmerizing sense of connection to life one feels when working with him. It might sound strange, but that's because this movement experience is close to inexplicable, until you try it for yourself and understand what it means to feel transformed.

To learn more about Trey Fry and his educational background, click HERE to read his biography. You can also learn about our newest teachers, David Roman and Erica Vinson, or the entire team. Get to know us. Come experience what we do first hand. We're here to help you fall in love with movement and experience the transformation your body is craving.

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