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Franklin Method®: Imagery for a Strong & Flexible Spine w/Trey Fry

Dec 15th


The spine is a masterpiece of design containing over one hundred joints and associated muscles and ligaments. How, then, is it possible that so many people suffer from debilitating pain associated with the spine? 

Complex design requires conscious maintenance. Why do we have a spine in the first place? Why is it shaped the way it is? This workshop will explain spinal evolution, design and function using imagery and simple movement. A new embodied understanding of the spine will allow for all daily movement and exercise to benefit spinal health.

-Learn exercises to strengthen the intervertebral discs, joints and muscles.

-How the ligaments and discs interact to strengthen the spine

-The rotational and coupled motion dynamics of the spine

-Understand which cues in exercise, Pilates, Yoga and dance support optimal spinal function


Moving Beyond the Movement: GYROKINESIS® Masterclass w/ Jamila Kinney

December 16th


In the Gyrokinesis Method, the movement is supported by the breath and the breath facilitates the movement. This class will begin seated to center, build energy, rhythm and stamina necessary for this practice. The body is asked to move seamlessly in multi directional planes from one movement sequence to the next. Guided by teacher trainer Jamila Kekulah Kinney, this two hour class will allow you to delve deep into physical, mental and spatial awareness.



Jamila Kekulah Kinney, MA is the creator of Moving Soul Wellness, a holistic movement practices that bridges the gap between soma, psyche and soul. As a teacher of The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and Pilates, she has been sharing her passion for mindful movement for over 12 years. She is also an authorized Pre-trainer (teacher trainer) for both GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®.  Jamila’s practice utilizes these modalities to guide and assist clients in a personal exploration of body awareness and body conditioning. Her training and experience as a dancer, Dance/Movement Therapist, Reiki and Zen Shiatsu practitioner cultivates a skillful, intuitive approach that supports and encourages curiosity and focus. Passionate about the learning process, Jamila is a dedicated Somatic mediation practitioner within the Dharma Ocean community.

When not teaching, she can be found  socially dancing (Argentine Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Lindy hop and Balboa.) spending time in nature with her dog, writing poetry, and or learning about this magnificent gift of being human.