Because we want to know you, your goals and body history/movement background in order to help create a transformational movement program & practice, we offer a complimentary consultation, by appointment (schedule here). We are what is considered a “high touch” boutique movement studio.  Our desire and intention is to help you transform your body from the inside out and we do not believe that is possible without relationship.  We want to walk with you on this journey step-by-step, day-by-day, week-by-week, year-after-year…we are here for you for the long haul!

In this initial visit we give you a tour of the studio, and explain the methods and equipment we use. We find this helps “de-mystify” Pilates & the GYROTONIC® Method, and makes people not only more aware of what we do here at KineticMKE, but can quell any intimidation factor and replace it with excitement and wonder. We’ll sit down and chat about our unique offerings, fee schedules, and studio policies/procedures…and, most importantly, get to know YOU, and how we can collaborate together and create a movement program for you that will be life changing.

Moving forward from your initial consultation, we offer & start all new students with our signature “welcome package”:


We consider our "welcome package" as the sampler to our studio & methods! We carefully craft a specialized program one-on-one with one of our fabulous teachers that addresses your body's needs & goals, and is a comparable financial commitment to the initiation fee you'd pay when joining a traditional gym or fitness/health club. We want this to be an investment in you...your health, and your wellbeing. For what you'd pay for just signing up at a traditional gym, you get three private lessons with one of the Milwaukee's leading Pilates or GYROTONIC® teachers, and then going forward from here we can help steer you towards a lifelong movement practice that works for your budget, time allowance, and lifestyle.

3 Private Lessons / $150

After the completion of the "welcome package" we have a few options going forward on how to practice with us at Kinetic MKE:


(Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Franklin Method®)    

    One-on-one training with one of our incredible teachers is a favorite & dedicated option of training here at Kinetic MKE. You get the highly skilled eyes and hands of a teacher on your body for the entire lesson guiding you, giving feedback and masterfully creating a program and practice that’s unique to you.

Package Option:

Single Private Lesson / $65

5 Private Lessons / $325

10 Private Lessons / $625

*Because we have a deep interest in collaboration with other movement professionals we have a discounted rate for fellow movement teachers, movement educators, therapists, and dancers upon request

Membership Option:

1x/week: $250/month

2x/week: $500/month

3x/week: $750/month


(Pilates & GYROTONIC®, Franklin Method®)

    Two-on-one training is just fabulous! Bring a friend to workout with, or we can help provide a partner that has similar goals. You get all the personal attention, and hands on that you'd get in a private lesson, but at a lower price point.

Package Option:

Single Duet Lesson / $40 (per person)

5 Duet Lessons / $200 (per person)

10 Duet Lessons / $375 (per person)

Membership Option:

1x/week @ $150/month

2x/week @ $300/month

3x/week @ $450/month


Pilates Tower

Our signature Pilates Tower classes brilliantly weave the Pilates Mat work, and all of the incredible material available to us from Mr. Pilates’ “Cadillac” repertoire into a dynamic, full body workout. Warming up with the Matwork before moving into utilizing our specialized spring-based apparatus we’re able to create & tailer a workout that is unique for the bodies in that particular practice that day…definitely a unique experience.

Pilates Mat

The Pilates Mat, or "floor work" is a group training option that is a date with just your body & gravity! Flowing through centering movement sequences & progressions, we'll move the spine & body through all healthy ranges of motion and often utilize additional apparatus like the small barrels, magic circle, or Franklin Method® balls & bands.


GYROKINESIS® is the sister vein of practice to GYROTONIC®, and is done without the assistance of specialized equipment. It's often thought of as the "Mat" work of GYROTONIC®, yet it is a full, complete, original, and unique method, which coordinates movement, breath and mental focus. GYROKINESIS® addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences that starts on stools to warm up and move the spine and body through all healthful ranges of motion and possibilities before moving down to the floor to work on mats.



Pilates Tower @ 6pm (starts November 12th)


GYROTONIC® @ 8am (starts Oct 30th)

Pilates Mat @ 9am (starts Oct 30th)


Pilates Tower @ 9am (starts October 24th)

Pilates Mat @ 6pm (starts November 14th)


GYROKINESIS® @ 10am (starts November 1st)


Pilates Mat @ 6am


Pilates Tower @ 9am


Pilates Tower @ 9am (starts Nov 11th)

GYROTONIC® @ 10am (starts Nov 11th)

Reservations are required for all classes due to our dedication to small size and the best instruction possible in Milwaukee. Sign up here

Package Option:

Single Session / $25

5 Sessions / $150

10 Sessions / $225

    Membership Option:

$200/month or $150 add on to private or duet package/membership


We are also a leading education space for teachers, movement professionals, and movement enthusiasts! Please check out our Workshops & Education page for more information.